To Love a Gemini

This is for any Gemini sun, moon, rising or anyone who is Mercury dominant or has personal planets in the 3rd house.


To love a Gemini means to love the way words can be spun together like gold. Whether in written or spoken form, Gemini will love that different combinations of letters and sounds can communicate a seemingly endless array of sentences. To love a Gemini means to listen to them talk, sing or tell stories; their knowledge of the power of words will simply astound you. They will seem to be able to go on forever, but there is power in words, and they know so. Be patient, you just might learn something.

To love a Gemini means to love laughter. With Gemini, there will be a lot of this, as well as smiles. Gemini is happy-go-lucky. Never one down for the count for too long. They simply love life, love people and love learning to be down for too long. If you’ve had a bad day, hit up your Gemini. No one can cheer you up like a Gemini can. They are sprites,  magical woodland creatures that flit from place to place, never staying in one place for too long; but they’ll pull you along their adventures if you let them. You will not regret a single one.

To love a Gemini means to love learning. As much as Gemini loves words, both written and spoken, they love learning more. Though they’ll usually do well in school, they don’t necessarily love school as much as they love all the new information they can gather. Gemini’s honey-bee like quality, buzzing from flower to flower, often comes out in their flitting from one type of knowledge to another faster than you can blink. To love a Gemini means knowing that they may be reading Byron in the morning only to stumble upon something completely different just an hour later. To love a Gemini means that they’re never necessarily an expert on any one thing. However, their brains can store seemingly pointless facts for years, pulling them out at exactly the right moment. You will be astounded.

To love a Gemini means to love conversation. Loving a Gemini means you will always have a sparkling conversationalist on your hands, for they will want to process everything, from how they’re feeling to what they’ve been reading to that thing they just read in the news in one conversation. The quick changes might make your head spin, but try to keep up. With no one else will you have such a varied and interesting conversation with than your Gemini.

To love a Gemini means to love socialising. Gemini is not far from their many and varied friends at any given time. Whether they’re hanging out with them, befriending new people in the grocery store or texting them, they highly values friendship- for the information they can provide and the social outlet they provide them.

To love a Gemini means to love them in all their iterations, moods, and personalities. Gemini, represented by the twins, is notorious for having multiple personalities. There is some truth in this. No one can be multiple people in a day the way Gemini can be. To love a Gemini means to love all the personalities contained inside of them. They are simply too good of mimics to not have picked up various ways of being in their myriad social observations.

To love a Gemini means that you might have a different partner in the morning than you do in the afternoon than you do in the evening. But know that they love you no matter what mood or character they’re choosing to play at any given time. They are highly sociable but are loyal to those who keep their Mercury-ruled brains stimulated. They want nothing more than to sip champagne around a rounded glass table, surrounded by all their closest people. Their wit is legendary and their laughter sparkles. They may talk your ear off but you can be sure of one thing, you’ll never be bored.



Photo by Jay on Unsplash


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